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PRICE: $70,000 OBO

With there being only 5 MonoTracers in the U.S., and no U.S. versions currently being produced, AND no future plans for gas-powered MonoTracers, this vehicle is very rare, and should hold its value very well.  In fact, it would not be surprising to see a MonoTracer at one of the collector car auctions in the future, selling for 2 or 3 times the current asking price.

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VEHICLE CONDITION:   The vehicle is currently being driven on public roads and is operating as-designed.   All photos of the vehicle were taken recently.   As with any pre-owned vehicle, the bodywork has some minor blemishes from normal use.  In addition, there are a few "heavier" bodywork blemishes (present in the above photos) that resulted from two very low-speed "fall-overs" over the past 10 years.  Any body shop that can handle fiberglass repairs should be able to bring the bodywork back to "like-new" condition.  Efforts are currently being made to arrange  for repair of these relatively minor issues, and if they are made before the vehicle is sold, the price will be adjusted accordingly. 

MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS:   The engine, drive train, wheels, gauges, and most controls are all BMW motorcycle components; thus most BMW motorcycle technicians can handle typical vehicle maintenance and repair work.  The monocoque and the outrigger system are custom designed and fabricated specifically for this vehicle, so the vehicle owner and/or their mechanic may need some factory support for maintenance and repair issues with those components.  There are mechanic shops which have experience working on MonoTracers in LA, Atlanta, and Charlottesville, VA.  The most experienced technician is in Charlottesville.  If the buyer is not located near one of those cities, they should either be prepared-to and capable-of handling regular maintenance themselves, OR, locate an experienced BMW mechanic nearby.  An alternative option is to "fly-in" the very experienced Charlottesville technician, if needed.

TRAINING:  Since this vehicle has some significant differences from any other vehicles, most people require a  few days of training to be comfortable and competent with driving it.  Basic operating guidelines (in both written and verbal form) will be provided to the buyer.  In addition, a half-day demonstration will be provided in Richmond, VA if buyer would like to have that.  Additional training can be provided either in Richmond, VA or a location of the buyer's choice, for an additional fee and travel expenses.

** NOTE:  Arrangements have been made with a MonoTracer owner in Texas for the buyer of this vehicle to borrow the "Training Axle" which he owns, if the buyer desires to do so.  The Training Axle is a device attached to the vehicle during the training phase, which acts somewhat like training wheels on a bicycle.   Training axle shipping costs and a security deposit will be the responsibility of the buyer.

WARM CLIMATES:  As noted in the description, the MonoTracer has air-conditioning and heat.  While the air-conditioner does put out nice cool air at the vents, it is trying to cool a vehicle that -- given all of the windows -- is somewhat of a "greenhouse".  This means that when the sun is out, the cabin has a "greenhouse effect" going on.  Thus, when the temperatures are 85 and above, AND the sun is shining, the air conditioner really has its work cut out for it (which is no different than when one is sitting on the sunny side of a car, and they get warmer than desired because of the sun's rays shining through the window...).  The air-conditioning system seems to do just fine on 85- or even 90-degree days with no sunshine, but when there is both heat AND sunshine, it may be a little warmer than desired inside the cabin.


in-bike video

**NOTE:  The video shown is from a different MonoTracer.  A video from the MonoTracer being sold (#7005) will be uploaded soon, but it has the same controls and is the same process.


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